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The History of the making of the town of Craig, IA
               On January, 1911 the town of Craig was incorporated. Appointed as commissioners by the Judge were: Fred Kusch, J.F. Renken, W. O. sidwell, J.G. Amthor and P.J. Homan. On March 11, 1911 Criag had its first election. Elected were: Mayor F.F. Drilling, Councilmen: Fred Kusch, Peter Homan, Nels Olson, S.W. Edwards and Walter Jobes, Tesaurer: J.F. Renken, Assessor: G.A. Hull. They were sworn into office on April 7, 1911 at the first council meeting. W.O. Widell was appointed as city clerk. The bond for city treasurer was fixed at $1,000.00. The mayer appointed G.A. Hull to act as city marshall. The following commissioners were appointed ordiance: W.A. Jobes, Fred Kusch, Peter Homan. Finance: Peter Homan, Fred Kusch, S.W. Edwards, Peter Homan and Nels Olson. Meetings were to be held at German State Bank at Craig, Iowa on the 2nd Monday of the month. Salaries were affixed as fallows: Mayor $25.00, clerk $35.00 a year and councilmen were to receive $1.00 per meeting. The Marshall received $5.00 per month and the Street Commissioner .25 cents per hour.
               Thye called a special meeting April 11, 1911 to fix license rates for a tavern. The rate was set at $700.00 per year payable quarterly in advance to the city. Herman sliekers applied and was granted a license. At the same time a petition was filed charging licenses for pool tables and ball alleys. They were affixed at $5.00 per table, per year in advance to the city. A resolution was made to make all sidewalks 4 ft. wide for residentials and 9 ft. wide for businesses.
              On May 9, 1911 a motion was made and approved to grade widewalks. On June 7, 1911 another motion was made and seconded to make a resolution for permanent sidewalks. They were to be constucted of cement at the expense of the owners and should be down within 30 days.
              On August 14, 1911 a motion was made and caried for the town to spend $900.00 for bulding a city hall. On Novermeber 11, 1911 a mtoin was made and approved to have Plymouch Country telephone remove poles they put up w/out permission. H. Johnson appeared on December 11, 1911 to apply for a liquor license and was so granted to sell lipuor in Criag, Iowa. On April 8, 1912 Herman Eggelbrecht was appoited Street Commissioner. On June 10, 1912 the following notice was to appear in the Craig Independent:
                                        Notice is hereby given to all property
                                        owners to have the weeds cut on their
                                        premises within 5 days of this notice
                                        otherwise the town will have them cut
                                        and the expense will be taxed against
                                         the property.
                  On March 10, 1913 the mayor appointed the following: Peter Homan, Walter Jobes, J.W. Edwards to preside over the Craig election to be held on the 31st of March at the City Hall. On April 7, 1913 at the special meeting the following councilmen were sworn in by Maror Drilling: Fred Kusch, S.W. Edwards, W.V. Jobes, Peter Homan, Fank Hull, W.O Sidwell were appointed City Clerk. The following committees were appointed: Streets and Alleys, S.W. Edwards, Frank Hull, and Peter Homan. Finance: Fred Kusch, W. Jobes, Frank Hull. Ordinance: W. Jobes, Peter Homan and S.W. Edwards. Fire: Pter Homan, Fred Kisch, W. Jobes. It was approved that judges and clerks were to be allowed $2.50 each for holding the election and that the Street Commissioner be allowed .50 cents per hour for a man and team for work on the streets.
                      On December 19, 1914 Fay Ferpering and Herman Eggelbredt applied for and granted a license to sell liquor in the town of Craig and the affixed fee of $1,200.00 a peice yearly. $100.00 a month payable in advance to the town.
                      On January 11, 1915 liquor licenses were raised to $1,400.00 per year, $116.66 per month, paied to the town in advance. It was also approved for a wage raise for Town Marshall to $20.00 per month, but on the 8th of March, 1915 a motion was made and approved to lower the Marshalls wages back to $5.00 per month. On April 12th the Mayors wage was raised from $50.00 a year to $100.00 a year. Election results April, 12th 1915 were the following: Mayor: F. Drillling, Councilmen: Evertt Johnson, W. Sidwell, Mike Ludwig and J.H. Eilers.
                     On July 12, 1915 a motion was made and approved to allow the Town Marshall $10.00 per month and on January 11, 1916 Peter Homen was appointed to the council and on June 12, 1916 J. Hull was appointed Fire Chief and H.T. Ludwig was appointed assistant Fire Chief.
                     Election results on April 2, 1917 were as follows: Mayor: Fred Kusch, Councilmen: John H. Eilers, H.P. Ludwig, J.D. Hazzard, Leroy Edwards and A.A Krapfl, Clerk: Freank Noahr. The following committees were formed: Streets and Alleys: H.F. Ludwig, J.H. Eilers, A.A. Krapfl, Finance: J.D. Hazzard, Leroy Edwards, J.H. Eilers, City Building:  A.A. Krapfl, H.F. Ludwig, J.D Hazzard, Fire Department: J.H. Eilers, J.D Hazzard, Leroy Edwards, Street Commissioner: Herman Johnson.
                     On December 10, 1917 George Cilis was granted a license to operate a pool hall and lunch room in the town of Craig and on June 10, 1918 Hubert Helmers was sworn in as councilmen replacing J.D. Hazzard. On April 7, 1919 the following were sworn into office, Mayor: John Eilers, Councilmen: H.F. Ludwig, B.F. Woodale, L.F. Thunhorst, J. Vollmar and E. Shuette, Clerk: F. Noahr.
                    On April 14, 1919 the first streetlight was approved for Craig. It would furnish night lighting and the cost would be $2.00 a month and would be 25 watt electric street light. Wages were affixed as follows: Mayor: $100.00 a year, Treasurer: $25.00 a year, Clerk: $60.00 a year, Fire Cheif $50.00 a year, Street Commissioner .35 cents per hour.
                     On April 12, 1920 Frank Noahr was sworn in as Mayor to take over H. Eilers place with John Schmidt as Twon Clerk. On March 28, 1921 an election was held and on April 4, 1921 the following were sworn into office: Mayor: Frank Noahr, Treasurer: J.H. Renken, Assessor: Helmet Hilmer, councilmen: H.L. Ludwig, B. T. Woodell, J.W. Peters, J. Eilers, Al Ericson. Clerk: John Schmidt. The following committees were formed: Finance: Al Ericson, H. Ludwigs, J. Eilers, Streets and Alleys: J. Peters, H. Ludwigs, B.R. Woddall, Bulding: All Ericson, R Woodell, J. Eilers. Street Commissioner: J. Peterson at the rate of .75 cents per hour for a man and team and .50 cents per hour without a team. J. Eilers was appointed Fire Chief at a salary of $50.00 per year.
                      On Jully 11, 1921 the first cigarette license was issued in the town of Craig. License was issued to H.F. Ludwig. The bond was $1,000.00 and license was $50.00 per year payable to the town.
                     On January 9, 1922, Stearmen Croon was appointed town Marshall for the worn of Craig with a salary of $10.00 a month and the Craig Savings Bank of Criag and the Farmers Savins Bank also of Criag to pay $15.00 a month each to the town Marshall in wages. On April 10, 1922, Alber Hutton was appointed Town Marshall with the worn suppling a $10.00 a mont raise for a toal of $50.00 a month is wages.
                     On Feburary 2, 1922, the town of Craig purchased their own Russel Road grader for the sum of $75.00 to be used for grading thier streets.
                     In March of 1923 an election was held and on April 9, 1923 the following were sworn into office Mayor: Frank Noahr, Treasure: K. Renken, Assessor: L. Thurhout, Councilmen: Albert Eucson, J. Eilers, H. Ludwigs, B. Woodsell and Roy Edwards. John Schmidt was appointed Town Clerk and J. Eilers was appointed Fire Chief. The following committees were appointed; Finance: Al Ericson, H. Ludwigs and J. Eilers, Streets and Alleeys: J. Peters, H. Ludwigs and B. Woodall, Building: Al Ericson, B. Woodall and J. Eilers.
                      On April 23, 1923, the town of Craig voted to buy their own own municipal electricity and on May 14, 1923, motion was made and carried to charge the Dance Pavilion of Craig $5.00 per dance night. Payable to the town and would furnish a Marshall.
                      H. Ludwigs was appointed Electric Light Commissioner or the current year starting Octrober 9, 1923. On December 10, 1923, the town granted permission for the Ireton Telephone Company to put up poles, wires and crossarms in the town of Craig. John Eilers was appointed Mayor and E. Schutte to take his place on the council and Frank Noahr was appointed postmaster of Craig as postmasters could not hold any other saleried job or title  at the same time as being postermaster. J. Peters was appointed Fire Chief and Gert Oltmans was issued a license to open a pool hall in the town of Criag and was also granted a permit to sell cigarettes. Salary for Light Commissioner was fixed at $75.00 per year. This is the last record the town house until 1947..........................
                       On April 4, 1947, the Mayor was Albert Winterfeld, Clerk: John Schmidt, Councilmen: Ralph Rossum, Emmet Schutte, Chris Johnson, Alfred Hartmen, Lawrence Van Whye, Treasurer: D.W. Elliot. The following committees were appointed; Finance: Ralph Rossum, Christ Johnson, Alfred Hartman, Building: Ralph Rossum, Alfred Hartman, Christ Johnson, Streets and Alleys: Chris Johnson, Ralph Rossum, Weed Commissioner: Lawrence Van Whye, Fire Chief: Emett Schutte. Wages on streets were set at .80 cents an hour. Mayer and clerks salary was $120.00 a year.
                      On May 4, 1947, a permit was granted to Clara Hutton to operate one pool hall at the sum of $15.00 payable to the town and on June 10, 1947 cigarette permits were issued to Clara Hutton and Wm. Clark. ON September 13, 1947 Clara Hutton was granted a Class B beer permit. It was motioned and seconded that beer parlor will be closed on Sundays and on October 10, 1947, Wm. Clark was granted a Class B beer permit.
                     On April 12, 1948, a overhead door was bought for $162.18 from Craig Lumber Compant and installed in the townhall for the fire trucks. On June 14, 1948 it was decided to gravel alleys and streets where needed. Hawarden Gravel Compant was payed $66.30 for eleven loads of gravel used for this purpose and on August 9, 1948, Plymouth County was to haul thirty-five loads of gravel on the streets of Craig. At the November 11, 1948 meeting an oil stove was purchased for $142.75 for the town hall and amotion was made and carried that beer parlers in town be advised of a $50.00 fine if caught selling beer on Sunday.
                    Fire Chief is to be payed $15.00 per month for taking care of truck hoses, the fire station and keeping the ready for all fire calls. On March 3, 1949, the town would purchase a fire siren for the Town Hall and the price be as follows: Remote Control $35.00, predetermined, automatic shut off $60.00, Federal Fire Siren $360.00 for a total of $455.00.
                    Sworn into office on April 1, 1949, were the following: Maryoer: Albert Winterfeld, Tresurer: D.M. Elliot, Clerk: John Schmidt, Councilmen: Vernon Ludwigs, Lloyd Mueller, E. Schuette. Also a windmill tower was bought for $20.00 for the town of Craig. On May 5, 1948, it was decided to raise the necks of town cisterns and clean them out, cement them and streamline them, and the move the town toilet. It was decided on Jully 11, 1949 that the roads in Craig be graded and graveled and rock be spread where needed. Walter Baak applied for and was granted on August 8, 1949, a cigarette permit and a license for a pool hall and a Class B beer permit.
                   On September 12, 1949, Lloyd Van De Water was voted in to replace Dick Asseln who resigned. A snowplow was purchase on December 12, 1949, for the town of Craig at the cost of $184.29 to be used to clear the streets and alleys of the town. Also on December 12, 1949, Albert Hartman was voted in to replace L. Mueller who resigned as councilman.
                  On January 9, 1950 it was decided to paint and claen up City Hall and that the town owuld spend $400.00 for gravel, culverts and other street repairs that was deemed necessary. Central Telephone of Le Mars was granted a franchise on March 13, 1950 for putting in a telephone system for the town of Craig and on April 10, 1950 it was decided to spend $40.00 for seed and fence for the ball diamond.
                   January 8, 1951, City Hall is to get wired a few better lights are to be installed. Sworn into office on April 2, 1951, Mayor: Alfred Winterfeld Councilmen: H.J. Ludwigs, Lloyd Van De Water, E.H. Schuette, Herman Croon, Will Schutz, Town Tresurer: D.W. Elliot, Clerk: John Schmidt, Fire Chief: L. Eilers, Weed Commissioner: H.J. Ludwigs and Leonard Van De Water. Wages were raised as follows: Clerk $150.00, per year, Fire Chief $20.00 a month, Treasurer $360.00 per year of $30.00 per month. Councilman $2.00 per meeting.
                   It was decided on September 10, 1951 to sell the town street grader for $15.00. A special meeting was called on Febuary 9, 1953, to approve the project of grading and dritching. it was agreed to go ahead with the project for the sum of $670.00 providing the following work is included: putting in culvert and ditches giving the job to Sac City Construction Company.
                   On January 2, 1954, oath of office was administer to Mayor: Alber Winterfeld, Councilmen: Ebert Ludwigs, Wm. Schultz, E.H. Shuette, L. Van De Water, H.J. Ludwigs, Treasurer: D. W. Elliot, Clerk: John Schmidt, Fire chief: E.H. Shuette, Assistant: Louis Eilers, Weed Commissioner: H.J. Ludwigs and Wm. Schultz.The town council faithfully promised to do everything in their power to locate a dumping ground for the town or make  arrangements of hauling refuse every 30 to 60 days. Plymouth Country was paid $379.44 on September 13, 1954 for gravel hauled on the town streets. John Tammen was paied $15.00 for 15 hours police work on August 11, 1954.
                    Langs Transfer of Le Mars was granted a contract on November 8, 1954, to haul refuge from town for a cost of $20.00 a month. On February, 14, 1955, the Iowa Public Service Company installed 400 mecury overhead lights on the following streets: the corner of Main and Oak Streets at the rate of $6.00 per month. Additional street lights are to be put up next month on Oak Street west of Main Street and Oak Street east of Main Street and Elm Street each resident pay $1.00 per month effective July 1. On September 29, 1955 a new pump was purchased for the city well at the cost of $439.00.
                    Salary raises on December 15, 1955 are as follows: Treasureer $50.00 per year, Mayor and Clerks $200.00 per year. Sworn into office on January 3, 1956 were: Mayor: Albert Winterfeld, Councilmen: Lawrence Van Wyhe, Chris Johnson, Henry Mc Hale, W. Beack, Henry Hillrichs, Treasurer: D.W. Elliot, Clerk: J. Schmidt, Fire Chief: Lawrence Van Wyhe, Street Commissioner: Henry Hillrichs, Assistant Fire Chief: Louis Eilers, Committeeman: Lyle Gallard.
                    On March 19, 1956, Henry Mc Hale was sworn in as mayor to replace A.F. Winterfelds who passed away. Jake Wabeke was appointed councilmen to take Mc Hales position. A resolution of sympathy was sent to Mr. Winterfelds family reading as follows: "Whereas Mayor A.F. Winterfeld who for the past twenty years or more has faithfully served the town of Craig as Mayor. Therefor has disparted this life and whereas the people of the town of Craig are deeply indebted to former Mayor Winterfeld for his long and unselfish service to the town of Craig. We the town council acting for the people of the town of Craig does hereby express our deep sorry and loss in the death of Mayor Winterfeld and we express our deepest sympathy to the breaved wife of Mayor Winterfeld and his family."

                        On September 10, 1956, a special meeting was held to discuss a water system for Craig and $16,000.00 was the price. Wigman Company quoted for the water works. Attorney Jas. McNalley was to check on bonds and state health requirements. Class B beer permits were lower from $300.00 to $250.00 per year on November 11, 1956. It was also decided that water hauled from the town well would be $2.00 a load. On June 20, 1957, Myron Hutton was voted in for councilman to take W. Baacks place who resigned. Water funds reached $765.02. Myron Hutton and Leonard Van De Water were appointed to be town cops at the Craig Brotherhood Fair to be hold on August 14, 1957.

                        A special meeting was called to make up a ballot to vote on the water main and on October 9, 1957, ballots were read and the yeas vote passed. Bids were to be taken on the job. IT was resolved that all citizens hooking up on the line yes 3/4" galvanized pipe. The charge would be $25.00 to hook up to the water line. Water bills are to be $1.00 per month to be paid every 6 months on July 1st and January 1st.

                        Sworn into office on January 6, 1958, were Mayor: Henry Mc Hale, Councilmen: Leonard Van Wyhe, Chris Johnson, Henry Hillrichs, Myron Hutton, Evert Ludwigs, Treasurer: D.W. Elliot, Clerk: J. Schmidt, Fire Chief: Lawrence Van Wyhe, Assistants: Richard Rolfes and Myron Hutton, Weed Commissioner: Henry Hillrichs.

                        It was decided at the January 6, 1958 meeting to have eight road signs constructed to designate the town of Craig on Different roads. On January 30, 1958, Terasso Nelson was granted a Class B beer permit on August 6, 1958, Carrie Bruns and Catherine Tripp were both issued a Class B beer permit and a cigarette permit. Sworn into office on January 4, 1960 was Mayor: Henry Mc Hale, councilmen: Henry Hillrichs, Myron Hutton, Eilert Ludwigs, Lawrence Van Wyhe, Chris Johnson, Clerk: J.H. Schmidt, Treasurer: D. Elliot, Fire Chief: Lawrence Van Wyhe, Assistants: Richard Rolfes and Myron Hutton, Weed Commissioner: Henry Hillrichs, Committeeman: Lyle Gallard. The following committees were appointed finance: Chris Johnson, Henry Mc Hale, Street and Alley: Henry Hillrichs, Myron Hutton, Building: Eilert Ludwigs, Myron Hutton.

                        Norman Rolfes was granted a class B permit and a cigarette permit on February 8, 1960. On May 9, 1960, Lang Transfer of Le Mars was granted a permit to haul refuge from the town of Craig for $30.00 a month. Starting July 1960, Bonds were sought by attorney Jas. Mc Nally for the town of Craig. A motion was made and seconded at the August meeting to negotiate a paving project totaling $1300.00 with the Iowa Road Builders Company of Fairmont Minnesota, providing bonding with a complete $9000.00 bond. Balance of all expense is carried by the town. In July a petition was circled around the town of Craig to obtain opinion of residents regarding paving. Results were that all residents signed petition requesting town council to proceed with paving project and the contract between Iowa Road Builders Company and The Town of Craig was signed. At the August council meeting and did the work immediately. The town of Craig paid Plymouth County $64.25 for graveling the streets that were not paved.

                         Jas Mc Nally was paid $350.00 for his legal fee in getting the bonds negotiated. On June 12, 1961at the town meeting the town of Craig consulted with Iowa State Highway Commission and County Engineer in regards to condition of the streets in the town of Craig, pertaining to matters of base and material which is not holding up. This condition started February 15, 1961, the also contracted Jas Mc Nalley to negotiate between Craig and Iowa Road Builders, Inc. and on the September 18, 1961 town meeting the Iowa Road Builders Company of Fairmont met with the town council and agreed to do repair on the streets which did hold up at their expense and to do so as soon as possible and to keep them maintained for years to come. This being a verbal contract between Iowa Road Builders in front of Jas Mc Nally and the town council.

                       Sworn into office January 2, 1962 were mayor: Henry Mc Hale, clerk: J. Schmidt, Councilmen: Henry Hillrichs, Eilert Ludwigs, Chris Johnson, John Hartman, Richard Rolfes, Treasurer: D.W. Elliot, Fire Chief: Lawrence Van Wyhe, Assistants: Marlin Hutton, Richard Rolfes. The following committees were appointed: Finance: Henry Mc Hale, Chris Johnson, Streets and Alleys: John Hartman, Richard Rolfes, Building: Eilert Ludwigs, Henry Hillrichs, Committeeman: Lloyd Van De Water.

                      In February Jas Mc Nally was paid $75.00 for his lawyer fees regarding Iowa Road Builders and in April the Mayor would try to contact Iowa Road Builders about the repairs on the city streets in the meantime the holds in the street will be filled with gravel.

                  In May, 1962, John Hartman and Eilert Ludwig will consult the IPS on changing street lights from standard bulbs to fluorescence lights and in June it was approved to accept the new street light from IPS. On September 20, 1962, a place was found just north of the city park to burn brush, limbs, trees and etc. from the city of Craig. The County Engineer made up maps of the town of Craig and of the streets to be done in November 1962, for the price of $124.25.

                    On July 8, 1963 two liquor licenses were issued in Craig to Clara Hutton DBA Hutton’s Tavern and the Norman Rolfes DBA Corner Tavern at a cost of $500.00 through Iowa Liquor Control Commission. On September 9, 1963, a tractor mower and parts were purchased for the town tractor for $35.00 from Leland Fett. On October 14, 1963, Lloyd Van De Water was appointed town clerk for remainder of term replacing J. Schmidt.

                 Sworn into office on January 2, 11964, were the following: Mayor: Henry Mc Hale, Councilman: Richard Rolfes, Chris Johnson, John Hartman, Lawrence Van Wyhe, Myron Hutton, Clerk: Lloyd Van De Water, Treasurer: D.W. Elliot, Committees were appointed as so: Finance: Henry Mc Hale, Chris Johnson, Streets and Alleys: Richard Rohlfs, John Hartman, Building: Leonard Van De Water, Myron Hutton, Committeeman: Lyle Gallard. It was decided that Security Savings Bank of Craig, Iowa will be the depositor of town funds.

                  On April 27, 1964, at 11:45 A.M. a special meeting of the council at the city hall was called for the purpose of discussing the matter of the town of Craig switching to daylight-saving time. There was a motion made and seconded and carried to go on daylight savings time as of midnight April 27, 1964. The Mayor, all councilmen, and City Clerk were present at this meeting. In August it was decided to paint the town hall and city pump house. Also discussion was held on the matter of changing time the back to central saving time the matter was left up to mayor Mc Hale who decided Craig would go back to the same time that the City of Le Mars did.

                  In January 1965 Art Rozell was granted a cigarette permit DBA. Rozell Grocery. In June, 1965 Clara Hutton, Norman Rohlfs and Art Rozell were issued cigarette permits. Clara Hutton and Norman Rohlfs were also approved a Class B beer permit. Richard Rohlfs was appointed water collector at $25.00 per year. Discussion was held on cleaning up the tow park and possibility of buying the west building of the lumber year for the shelter house. The mayor and town council wish to thank all persons who helped clean up the town of Craig after the tornado that struck the town the night of June 7, 1965.

                      In October 1965, John Hartman and Richard Rohlfs were instructed by the town council to fill the holes in oiled streets. The Mayor has been in contact with Iowa Road Builders of Fairmont since May and nothing has been done about the streets breaking up. Discussion was also held on keeping the town post office when the present post mistress retires.

                       Sworn into office on January 3, 1966 were Mayor: Onno Johnson, Treasurer: D.W. Elliot, Councilmen: Lawrence Van Wyhe, Richard Rolfes, Chris Johnson, Larry Oltmans, Marlin Hutton, Clerk: Lloyd Van De Water. The Following committees were appointed: Finance: Onno Johnson, Chris Johnson, Streets and Alleys: Richard Rohlfs, Marlin Hutton, Building: Lawrence Van Wyhe and Larry Oltmans.

                    There are no town records between January, 1966 and January, 1976.......

                     Sworn into office on January 12, 1976, were the following: Mayor: John Westoff, Councilmen: John Thoen, Marlin Hutton, Darrell Luken, John Tammen, Leonard Hallweg, Fire Chief: Marlin Hutton, Assistant: Gene Rohlfs, Clerk: Lynn Juffer, Water Commissioner: Lawrence Van Whye. Tractor operators were to be Henry Tammen and Henry Baack, rates were to be $2.50 per hour for operators and $2.50 per hour for tractor. All councilmen can operate the tractor in emergency situations. Orval Lorenzen will haul garbage from the town of Craig to Hawarden dump.

                    In May it was decided to resurface Main Street from Oak Street to Pine Street. Wages were set for the following: Councilmen: $5.00 a meeting payable every 3 months and Clerk: $30.00 for 3 months. Garbage cans are to be bought by the town and be painted by Senior Citizens and place around the town.

                   In June members of the Ireton Community Fire Department were on hand to present the contract providing Craig with fire protection the town of Craig will pay Ireton $250.00 with a minimum of $500.00 per year. The contract was signed by council members. Garbage and water rates were set as follows: 3 months garbage $14.10 and 3 months water $9.00.

                  In July John Thoen resigned as councilman as he moved and in August Leonard Halweg resigned as councilman as he mvoed aslo. Henry Baak was appointed to take John Thoens place and Lowell Hillrichs was appointed to take Leonard Halwegs place. On November 30, 1976, Charlotte De Young was issued a liquor license and a Sunday permit DBA North 40.

                 On December 6, 1976, MEmebers of Craig Community Fire Truck were present to discuss sharing the expense of maintaining and operating the fire truck. It was agreed that all expenses normal to maintaining and operation the fire truck would be split in half with the rural community. Fire board and members paying thier half and the town of Craig paying the other half. The town of Craig agreed agreed that they would initall pay all normal expenses incurred and the community fire board would reimburse half of those expenses every six months. This agreement was decided to be retroactive to July 1, 1976. To be continued indefinately unless further action would be taken in the future.

                  Between January and Marcha proposal was made and voted on to allow the town of Craig a sewer systhem. It was voted down. In March, Iowa Public Service installed mercury lights to replace street lights. Iowa Public Service was also granted a 25 year service sontract to furnish Craig's electrical service. The town accepted a quit claim deed for the property owned by Hermina Juran for the sum of One dollar, this property is desgnated to be the new Craig City Park.

                 In April, 1977, Henry Baack turned in his resignation. John Becker was appointed in his place. Also discussion was held regarding tthe resurfacing of more streets in Craig. Brower Construction is going to estimate the cost. In May, 1977, the Criag Community Club requested that the town of Craig sponsor them in their application for a matching grant in order to develop the rescently acquired lots for a park. Approval was given at a later date. Brower Construction was to blacktop two streets in Craig, those being the northern most block of Main St. and the eastern most block of Pine and were paied $6,883.80 for this.

              Sworn into office on January 3, 1978, wre the following: Mayor: Joe De Young, Clerk: Lynn Juffer, Councilmen: Orrin Van Wyhe, Donaldy Renken, Danny Grasz, Larry Oltamns, John Tammen, Water Commissioner: Lawrence Van Wyhe, Fire Chief: Jim Grasz, Assistant: Danny Grasz, Town Maintainence: Henry Tammen, Building Commissioner: Danny Grasz, Donald Renken, Street Commissioner: John Tammen, Larry Oltamans. In February Roberta Rohlfs was appointed councilman to take Orrin Van Wyhe's place as he moved away.

               Southern Sioux Water System met with the council to discuss water systems for the town of Craig. Discussion was held concerning the cost for town and it was deceded to wait for final sign up for their report of the new cost. Residents are ordered to quit open burning as required by state law.

                  In February the rates for the town tractor were set as follows: $5.00 per hour with a minimum of $3.00 plus wages of operator was set at $2.65 an hour. Stop signs were to be put up at the intersection of Main Street and Oak Street and one on Oak street. Discussion was also held concerning the appointment of a part time City Marshall and was decided to inquire finding some interested in taking the job. The matter was dropped as no interest ws shown. On April, 1978, they city of Craig was accepted intot he Plymouth County Landfill. Garbage rates are to be $2.50 a mont for each resident.

                     On January 10, 1979 the Craig town decded to to rent the railroad land from Chicago and Northwestern Trasportation Company that goes thru the town of Craig. At a cost increase from $1.00 a year to 100.00 per year. The council will send them a letter pertaining to that. Also that they are now responsible for keeping the weeds down. The city of Craig on September 11, 1979 paid the balance of the park bill,  until completion of project the receipt of matching fund grant. Darlene Kaufman DBA Darlenes Corner Bar was granted a liquor license and a cigarette permit in November, 1979.

                       Sworn into office on January 15, 1980 was Mayor: Milo De Young, Clerk: Lynn Juffer, Treasurer: Gene Rolfes, Councilmen: John Tammen, Larry Oltmans, Danny Grasz, Dean Oloff, Marlin Hutton, Fire Chief: Danny Grasz, Assistant: Jim Grasz, Town Mainainance: Henry Tammen, Elmer Schuette, Street Commissioners: Elmer Schuette and Marlin Hutton, Building Commissioner: Dean Oloff, John Tammen, Larry Oltamans. Water rates are raised to $2.00 a month making 3 months water at $18.60.

                     On March 6, 1980 at a special meeting the town council Dennis Fyzel DBA North 40 was granted a liquor license. Water was installed in May 1980 at the new shelter house, also shelves were put in shelter house and in June restrooms were installed in the City Park. The bill for cementing the shelter house was $192.40 from Lo-Ma Concrete. Restroom cost was $688.47 to be put in by De Groot plumbing and Heating was paied $239.36 to install the restrooms and hook up water.

                    In June, 1980 the council was to inform the railroad that it did not wish to purchase the property at this time. The asking price was 1,100.00 an acre. Also Orval Lorenzon was granted a $0.50 per resident rate increase in garbage being $3.00 instead of $2.50 a month. In July, 1980, Plymouth County repaird the roads in Craig and was paid $721.52. It was also decided to hook into Southern Sioux County Water System with a connection charge of $1,313.00. On February 9, 1981 David Moller was appointed Fire Chief and Gail Clausen Assistant Fire Chief and Gary Schiltz was sworn in as councilman to tak Danny Grasz's place as he moved.

                    On April 13, 1981, Fred Clausen, Plymouth County Supervisor was present to explain history of and proposed removal of the county maintainer from Craig area. Farmers were also present to voice their objections on grounds of emergency services in event of snow storms and centralizeing of area serviced by county maintainer. Mayor Milo DeYoung voiced the councils concern over the removal of the ccity of Craig's snow and that the alledged county savies of $1,500 a year by moving maintainer would not be justified. By the loss of service and an employment opportunity to the community. Mr. Claussen said he would relay the concern to the board of supervisors a petition was passed around the town and rural community and petition and signatures were presented to the Board of supervisors. It was decided to leave the maintainer at the Craig shed. Also in April a contract was signed between the town of Craig and Southern Sioux Rural Water.

                  In May, 1981, the sernir citizens were granted permission to plant and care for the flower garden in the city park. Elmer Schuette was appointed to take care of the shelter house in the city park at a fee of $15.00 a month. In July, 1981 a discussion was held concerning continued support of the fire truck. Council felt the town should continue its support provided that sufficient volunteers are available. Also in July, 1981, Clara Renken DBA North Forty was granted a liquor license and also a cigarette permit. Lowell Hillrichs and Marlin Hutton were hired as town maintainance men.

                 In Spetember, 1981, the fire hydrant at the city hall was made operable by Boyer Pump Service and hooked up by Harold Mouser and Sons. The total price of this was $761.64. Also in September the council was informed on the termination of the towns lease on the Clyde Eastman property used as a ball park. A petition was passed around town  and the rural community also everyone else concerned and petition givin to Clyde Eastman  and Clyde Eastman informed the council that the City Ball Park would be made available for that use for as long as its owner Clyde Eastman is around.

                  November 9, 1981, Jean Hoffman DBA North 40 was granted a Class C beer permit and liquor license and a cigarette permit and aSunday license. In December, Jim's electric rewired the City Hall for the cost of $231.35 and the town bought a storm door for the city hall from John Tammen for $20.00.

                  Sworn into office on Janurary 11, 1982, were the following: Mayor: Milo DeYoung, Councilmen: Doug Hutton, James Grasz, Dean Oloff, Marlin Hutton, Gary Schiltz, Clerk: Lynn Juffer, Treasurer: Connie Hutton, Fire Chief: Jim Grasz, Street Commissioner: Doug Hutton. Water rates were raised to $7.50 a month and garbage to $4.50 a month effective January 1, 1982. Also water and garbage is to be paid 3 months in advance.

                    It was decided at the February meeting to pay Gail Clausen $10.00 a month for past work as fire chief and urge him to continue in this capcity. Past wages of $273.76 were paid. Tractor use was also discussed and a fee was a $3.00 minimum charge for its use and a $10.00 an hour rate for tractor and operator. Council also approved Lowell Hillrichs bid of $10.00 each cutting and Mowing of the city hall lawn.

                     In May,  1982, the streets were gravel and alleys as needed. Plymouth County Secondary Road Department was paid $595.85 for the work. Milo De Young informed the council of entering Craig fire truck as town of Craig's entry in the Ireton Centenial Parade.

                        In June, 1982, it was decdied that picnic tables could be borrowed from the city park, but permission must be received by the mayor before borrowing and must be brought back in the same condition was when borrowed. Doug Hutton and Lowell Hillrichs volunteered to mow the city park for $3.35 an hour, council decided to accept this offer.

                 In September it was decided to put linoleum on park counter from donations recieved from Schuette reunion. In November, 1982, Midewest paving was paid $5,376.70 for resurfacing two streets in town. On December 11, 1982, a representative of Iowa Public Service was present to answer questions about recent dimming of lights and he said he would look into it. He also presented the city was a plan to assign house numbers to city residents and businesses. It would help servicemen find residences and aid fire department in answering calls. IPS would supply house numbers if the city would provide street signs. It was suggested that local 4-H clubs be contracted reguarding making and installing of street signs.

                   On May 4, 1983, Harvey Willer DBA The Prime Rate was granted a cigarette permit and a liquor license. Fire Sirens were discussed in July, 1983, it is planned to fix it so that a differention between fire call and tornado warning. In September, 1983, the street east of the bank was resurfaced. Rohlin Construction did the work and were paid $6,049.70 for the job. In October councilmen wagers were raised to $10.00 a meeting, Mayor's compensations from $62.50 every 3 months to $97.50 every 3 months. Water and garbage were raised to water $10.00 a month and garbage to $5.00 a month payable every 3 months in advance. Also Doug Hutton's wages were raised from $3.35 a hour to $5.00 an hour for town tractor.

                            In October, 1983, railings were put on the city hall steps by Jim Hoffman at a cost of $20.00. Sworn into office January 4, 1984 were: Mayor: Milo De Young, Councilmen: James Grasz, Dean Oloff, Doug Hutton, Glen Moller, Rick Renken, Clerk: Lynn Juffer, Treasurer: Connie Hutton, Fire Chief: James Grasz, Street Commissioner: Glenn Moller, Assistant Park Commissioners: Dean Oloff, and Rick Renken. In June, 1984 it was decided to ask a $25.00 deposit for the use of the city park. Deposit would be returned provieded the park premisises are cleaned by noon the following day and there are no damages. In October, 1984 speed zone signs were purchased from secondary road department for $204.00 and were placed east and west of C-12 (35 mph) and will be enforced.

                     In January, 1985, water was raised from $10.00 a month to $13.00 a month payed every 3 months in advance. In March, 1985, a wall was put up in city hall to partion off the back for town records, safe and voting machines. Roger Moller did the job for $92.50 and Ireton True Value was paid $65.52. In June Jim Hoffman made a bicycle rack for the city park at the cost of $75.00. In July, Jim Hoffman repaired the town tractor bucket for $175.00.

                     In August, 1985 Mayor Milo De Young reminded all those in attendance that Craig's Diamond Jubilee is to be held next year. The town should be made to look as respectable as possible. All town residence are asked to cooperate in doing so.

                     In October, 1985 the town of Craig bought lots 5,6,7 in Block 1 town of Craig from Joe De Young for $1,200 for addition to city park. Funds to pay for above purchase are to come from proceeds of sale of old shelter house several years ago to David Moller.












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